Pusaka Medal

Pusaka Medal can be considered to be the ancestor of Cimande Macan Guling. Abah Djahari continued to teach Pusaka Medal in Nangklak until the end of his life. His son, Abah Jurho, the current Guru Besar of the system continues teach today. We had the opportunity to visit him at his home along with his sons Kang Q-Bil and Kang Agus.

Pusaka Medal is always transmitted as taught by Abah Djahari – without variations. Practitioners of all backgrounds, as well as neighbors and friends come to this remote village to study and practice under the auspices of Abah Jurho. Pusaka Medal and Abah Jurho enjoy a great reputation from Rancalame to Pamarayan among pratitioners of Cimande Macan Guling.

Pusaka Medal is taught in: Jakarta, Madiun (East Java), Tangerang (Banten), Malingping (South Banten) and Rankasbitung (Banten). All of these schools gather for the annual Keceran which takes place during the month of Maulud.


17 Kelid
3 Langkah
4 Rangkuman (Summary of 17 Jurus)
4 Pepedanga
1 Kolewang
1 Ringkesan
5 Igelan
Ulin Handap: Kuncing and Macan
Golok, Cabang, Kayu : No jurus, but the principles of use
Many Pembukaan and penutup

Some facts about the life of Abah Djahari:
– The father of Abah Djahari also practiced Pencak Silat, but Abah Djahari did not study with him.

– Before his marriage, Abah Djahari went into seclusion for about 5 years and upon his return, established Pusaka Medal (which he called simply Cimande). Surprisingly, nobody knows where he went, with whom he studied, or for exactly how long. Even his own son, heir to the Pusaka Medal style does not know

– The above fact appears to be inconsistent with the information that we were able to gather in Serang, where it was learned that Abah Djahari had 3 teachers: Abah Jakim (Pandeglang), Abah Wakin (Serang), and a third teacher whose name remains a mystery in the memory of the people we met there.

(edited by Jeff Davidson)