This website aims to make know and show Pencak Silat. This martial art from the Indonesian peninsula comes in a variety of influences according to its geographic, historic and religious origins. The styles we offer to show you are from the west part of the Java Island. This area is very fertile and gave birth to a vast number of different styles, which sometimes acted upon each other, thus expanded themselves.

We offer to share our searches about the Cimande style, one of the main Indonesian styles. It spread mainly confidentially, so the news noted here are from different sources and give a general view of the style. We don’t have a monopoly on THE truth, as it is so varied from a town to another and as so many influences merge.

Then we also offer to show you the Cimande Macan Guling style, from Serang, situated in the province of Banten. And the rather discreet Terumbu Gajah Putih, which is also from the province of Banten. We’d like to show you the different sides of the folk’s culture from Banten; for example, the Debus: an integral part of Banten.

I hope you will find here lots of useful news to go forward in your research works. This website develops according to the different news we can collect during our stays in Java Island.